Pond Care Package


Availability April-October
Application Rate 3 packages per acre


Our Pond Care Package is a great way to control issues with filamentous algae and aquatic weeds. This package consists of a combination of barley straw pellets, Macro-Zyme beneficial pond bacteria, and pond and lake colorant. Barley straw works by releasing compounds which inhibit the growth of filamentous algae, while beneficial bacteria consumes nitrogen and phosphorus in the water column (which are the nutrients primarily responsible for weed growth in a pond), and colorant prevents sunlight from reaching aquatic vegetation. By combining these three items into one package, pond owners can significantly decrease the growth rate of algae and aquatic weeds, making for a more functional and attractive body of water. It would be best to apply this package in the spring in order to get a head start on your weed problem with a second application occurring in early summer. Packages can however be applied at any time of the year. Each package is capable of treating a 1/3 acre pond and consists of: 40 pounds of barley straw pellets, 4 bags of Macro-Zyme beneficial pond bacteria, and 1 bag of pond and lake colorant.

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in

1/3 acre, 1 acre