Barley Straw Pellets


Size 40 lbs.
Availability April-October
Application Rate 120 lbs./acre
Quantity Pricing 1-2: $90.00
3+: $87.00


Barley straw can be used to help inhibit the growth of new algae in a pond. As barley straw breaks down, it produces a compound which prevents the growth of new algae cells. This breakdown or decomposition process has to happen in the presence of oxygen, so the use of pellets makes application to your pond much easier than using bails of straw. Bails of straw need to be broken up and loosely packed into bags in order to facilitate aerobic decomposition. Pellets however, when applied to your pond, quickly swell and break apart in the water column. Barley straw pellets and the compounds that are produced during decomposition are completely non-toxic and will not have any negative effect on fish or humans.

40 pounds of pellets will treat approximately 1/3 of an acre and should be applied to the pond prior to the growing season. In most areas, algae will begin growing in May so it is recommended that you treat in the spring for best results. A second treatment should be considered in June or July to prevent a late season algae bloom or as necessary based on individual observations.

Additional information

Weight 640 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in