AerMaster LD 1.5 (Ponds <8' deep)


Flow Rate 1.5 CFM @ 8' of depth
Weighted Airline 25' of 1/2"
Non Weighted Airline 50' of 1/2"
Diffuser 1 Air Stone

The AerMaster LD 1.5 includes a 2 warranty and is UL approved for outdoor use. Non-weighted airline is used between the compressor and the shoreline where it is transitioned to weighted airline which runs from the waters edge down to a diffuser located in the bottom of your pond. Air is pumped down to the diffuser, which rises as fine bubbles up through the water column. Rising air bubbles cause the water in the pond to circulate which prevents it from stratifying and helps to distribute oxygen more evenly throughout.


Benefits of Aerating Your Pond

Aeration will create a healthier ecosystem by accelerating the decomposition of organic material/muck, which acts like fertilizer for the weeds and algae in your pond. Aerating your pond will also make your fish grow faster and prevent fish kills resulting from low oxygen levels.

All ponds will naturally stratify/layer as a result of varying pond water temperatures. This layering prevents oxygen from making it down to the bottom of the pond. Over time organic matter such as leaves accumulate there and, since there is very little oxygen available, this material undergoes anaerobic decomposition, which is slow and produces foul odors. When the accumulation of organic matter is more rapid than the decomposition rate, muck begins to accumulate, creating a nutrient rich layer of fertilizer which feeds plants and algae.

Adding oxygen to the bottom of your pond creates a more rapid, aerobic decomposition environment. This reduces the amount of muck and nutrients in the bottom of your pond which slows the growth of weeds and algae, eliminates odors, and makes your pond cleaner and more attractive.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in