Bantam-Aire™ Diffuser Systems


Model Number Tubing Diffusers Max Depth
Bantam 1 25 ft 1 4 ft
Bantam 2 50 ft 2 4 ft
Bantam 3 100 ft 3 6 ft
Bantam 4 200 ft 4 6 ft


Bantam-Aire Diffuser Systems are the perfect aeration solution for your Robust-Aire Bantamwater feature or small pond. The Bantam-Aire is sized perfectly for koi ponds, water gardens or other shallow aquatic environments. With powerful linear compressors, self-weighted tubing and efficient diffusers, these complete systems offer a multitude of water quality improvements allowing your water and aquatic life needs to flourish. Systems come complete with compressor, weighted tubing, diffuser(s), and control manifold (if more than one diffuser is included).

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in
Model Number

Bantam 1, Bantam 2, Bantam 3, Bantam 4