When do I need to submit my order by?

If a delivery date is listed on the website then it is usually still possible to get fish on that day. However, early orders are always filled first, so we recommend that orders be placed as far in advance as possible to ensure that we reserve enough fish to fill your order. Once our truck is full, or if we run out of fish for a particular delivery date, then we will remove that date or species from the website.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order amount, however, there is a flat $7.00 packaging fee added for every $50.00 worth of fish purchased. Therefore, to maximize the value of your packaging, we usually recommend ordering fish in $50.00 increments.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

We do offer quantity discounts and Pond Stocking Packages for instance already have a discount applied to them. Typically we begin offering discounts to customers who purchase in excess of $500.00 worth of fish so, if you anticipate exceeding that amount then please Contact Us directly to discuss having a discount applied to your order.


How do I get my fish?

Mid-Atlantic Stocking transports fish to your area approximately once a month beginning in April and continuing through October. We do not transport fish during the months of July and August however, due to warm weather and the stress that this can cause the fish during transport and stocking. A list of the stops that we will be making in your area, and the species available at that time can be found on the Deliveries page. Customers can meet us at one of these pickup points to obtain their fish free of charge or, for a delivery fee, we can transport fish directly to your pond. If you are interested in delivery then please Contact Us by email or phone to request a quote.

How long will I have to get my fish home?

Fish will typically survive for at least a couple of hours from the time that they are picked up. If you have further to go then please notify one of our employees and we can add fresh oxygen to the box before you depart. This will allow the fish to survive for up to 6 hours before they need to be placed in your pond.

How will my fish be packaged?

Orders that are received at one of our pickup points will be prepackaged with water and pure oxygen in 16″x16″x12″ cardboard boxes. This eliminates the need for our customers to transport pond water with them. Because the quantity of fish that can fit in each box can vary significantly based on the species and size of the fish ordered, it is hard to determine in advance exactly how many boxes you will receive. Therefore, we add a flat packaging fee to your order of $7.00 for every $50.00 worth of fish purchased (packaging is only applied to fish, not pond care products). The number of packaging fees that are added to your order does not translate to the number of boxes that you will receive on delivery day. This fee is to cover the cost of the box, bag, bands, and oxygen. Packaging in this manner allows the fish to be transported safely for long distances in almost any vehicle. If you would like to know exactly how many boxes you will receive, please contact us a few days prior to delivery day and we should be able to tell you at that time.

When will my fish arrive?

All of our delivery routes begin at our facility in upstate New York and radiate outward. Below is an example of a typical schedule. What time we arrive at each pickup point can vary significantly though depending on the distance of a stop from our facility, the number of vehicles we are running that day, and how many stops we have to make. We contact all of the customers that have placed orders with us via email, on the Wednesday prior to delivery day, to let them know exactly what time we will be at their pickup point. Late customers can significantly affect our schedule for the rest of the day.

  • Stop 1: 7:00AM – 9:00AM
  • Stop 2: 9:00AM – 11:00AM
  • Stop 3: 11:00AM – 1:00PM
  • Stop 4: 1:00PM – 3:00PM
  • Stop 5: 3:00PM – 5:00PM
  • Stop 6: 5:00PM – 7:00PM


When do I pay for my fish?

If you submit an order online, we will process your credit card immediately and you will receive a copy of your order and receipt via email. If you Contact Us to request a quote and decide that you are interested in purchasing fish after receiving it, a 50 percent down payment will be required prior to the delivery date. This down payment ensures that we will hold enough fish to fill your order and can be paid by either check or credit card. The remaining 50 percent will be required upon delivery or pickup.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes, our website and order form are secure and your payment information is submitted immediately for processing. After submitting your order form, you will receive a copy of your order and receipt via email.


Are the fish disease free?

All of our fish are certified disease free and certificates can be provided as proof at your request. Prior to transport, fish are held in indoor tanks that are supplied with well water which is only passed through each tank once prior to discharge from the facility. Quarantining the fish in this manner eliminates the possibility of introducing disease and ensures that our customers will receive healthy fish on delivery day.

How many fish should I stock?

Fish descriptions and stocking recommendations can be found under the Fish Info section of our website. If you have questions which are not answered here or would just like to discuss your order with us prior to placing it, then please feel free to Contact Us.

Should I feed my fish?

Feeding your fish is optional as long as you have a well-established source of food for them in your pond. However, feeding your fish will of course encourage them to grow more quickly.

Do I need a permit?

Some states require that pond owners obtain a permit in order to stock certain species of fish. Currently, all states that allow the importation of grass carp require a permit. Permit application forms can be obtained by visiting the Downloads page of our website.

Do I need to do anything special in preparation for my delivery?

Please be sure to bring a copy of your order and any necessary permits with you.