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We currently offer 5 different products including VFX Aerating Fountains, High Oxygen Transfer Aerators, Robust-Aire™ Diffuser Systems, and Bantam-Aire Diffuser Systems which are manufactured by Kasco®, as well as Windmills manufactured by Outdoor Water Solutions. The Kasco® systems shown in the charts below are all 120V. For larger 220V systems, please Contact Us directly. You can also find additional information in the Kasco® Brochure on the downloads page of our website.

All aeration systems will be shipped directly to your home. They can be shipped anywhere in the country and shipping fees will be confirmed with you prior to processing your order. Since you have to select a pickup point on the order form, just select the location nearest to you. Your fountain however will ship immediately. If you would like to have the system installed, please Contact Us directly for pricing.

Benefits of Aerating Your Pond:

Aerating your pond has the obvious benefit of providing your fish with more oxygen year round which can prevent fish kills and will make your fish grow faster. Aerators can also help to keep ice off of ponds in winter and prevent winter fish kills caused by low oxygen levels.

In addition to providing your fish with more oxygen, aeration can create a healthier ecosystem in your pond by destratifying or delayering it, reducing accumulated organic material, and preventing the growth of aquatic weeds and algae. All ponds will naturally stratify or layer as a result of varying pond water temperatures. Water is most dense at 4 degrees Celsius which means that colder water will tend to settle in the bottom of your pond with warmer water layered overtop of it. This layering prevents oxygen from making it down to the bottom of your pond where organic material accumulates. Since there is no oxygen available for decomposition of this material, it undergoes anaerobic decomposition which produces foul odors and creates an unattractive layer of slime in the bottom of your pond. Adding an aeration system to your pond helps to break down this layer of organic material making the pond cleaner and more attractive. This layer of muck is also responsible for feeding plants and algae by providing it with nutrients. Breaking it down therefore helps to prevent the growth of algae and weeds by cutting off its food supply.

VFX Aerating Fountains come complete with a rain-tight control panel, 24-hour timer, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), photo sensor (for optional light kits), power cord, and mooring lines. Aerating fountains have just one "V" shaped pattern which is meant to maximize aeration within your pond.

High Oxygen Transfer Aerators - Available: Year Round
High Oxygen Transfer Aerators agitate the water in your pond to efficiently High Oxygen Transfer Aeratortransfer oxygen into the water column. These systems include a power cord, intake screen, float, and mooring lines.

High Oxygen Transfer Aerator Chart

Robust-Aire™ Diffuser Systems use an onshore compressor to deliver air through weighted tubing to diffusers at the bottom of your pond. These systems are capable of aerating very large bodies of water affordably and are the least visible method of doing so. All Robust-Aire™ systems include a compressor, weighted tubing, barbed connector and adapter fittings, stainless steel tubing clamps, a power cord, and diffuser(s). Diffuser systems are available with or without a cabinet. Cabinets however are recommended since they include a cooling fan, acoustical foam, and a 120 volt receptacle.

Robust-Aire Diffuser Chart

Bantam-Aire Diffuser Systems are the perfect aeration solution for your Robust-Aire Bantamwater feature or small pond. The Bantam-Aire is sized perfectly for koi ponds, water gardens or other shallow aquatic environments. With powerful linear compressors, self-weighted tubing and efficient diffusers, these complete systems offer a multitude of water quality improvements allowing your water and aquatic life needs to flourish. Systems come complete with compressor, weighted tubing, diffuser(s), and control manifold (if more than one diffuser is included).

Robust-Aire Bantam Chart

Outdoor Water Solutions Windmills are fully functioning aeration systems. They are ideal for use at remote ponds where electricity is not available. Because they are offered in many different colors and configurations, please Contact Us directly so we can help you make the best decision to fit your needs.