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Pond Care
Barley Straw Pellets
Barley straw can be used to help inhibit the growth of new algae in a pond. As barley straw breaks down, it produces a compound which prevents the growth of new algae cells. This breakdown or decomposition process has to happen in the presence of oxygen, so the use of pellets makes application to your pond much easier than using bails of straw. Bails of straw need to be broken up and loosely packed into bags in order to facilitate aerobic decomposition. Pellets however, when applied to your pond, quickly swell and break apart in the water column. Barley straw pellets and the compounds that are produced during decomposition are completely nontoxic and will not have any negative effect on fish or humans. 

40 pounds of pellets will treat approximately 1/3 of an acre and should be applied to the pond prior to the growing season. In most areas, algae will begin growing in May so it is recommended that you treat in the spring for best results. A second treatment should be considered in June or July to prevent a late season algae bloom or as necessary based on individual observations.

(Application rate of 120 pounds per acre)

We have fish feed available in 1/8" and 3/16" diameter pellets. Our fish feed is comprised of approximately 40% protein and 10% fat which is ideal for a wide assortment of species and medium to fast growth rates.

(Application rate - Amount of food that fish will fully consume within 5 minutes)

Gift Certificate
When you order a gift certificate, an email will be sent to you immediately with a copy of the certificate attached. The certificate can then be printed out and hand delivered or forwarded on to your intended recipient. Each gift certificate will have a unique coupon code on it which can be entered into the order form on our website. This code will deduct the amount of the gift certificate from your recipients order total. Certificates are available in $25.00, $50.00, and $100.00 increments and make a fantastic gift for the sportsperson/pond owner. Certificates will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Macro-Zyme Beneficial Pond Bacteria
Macro-Zyme is a bacteria that can be applied to your pond in order to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus present in the water column. These are the nutrients which are responsible for causing excessive amounts of plant and algae growth within a pond. These bacteria will also digest organic compounds such as animal feces and ammonia. Reducing the levels of these compounds can increase water clarity and decrease the foul odors that are associated with them. This product is nontoxic, will not harm your fish, and is safe for both humans and animals such as livestock and local wildlife. Bacteria is sold in 8oz dissolving bags.

(Application rate of 12 bags per acre) 

This non-toxic, dye is a form of vegetation control that works by preventing sunlight from penetrating into the water. Reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches submerged aquatic vegetation such as plants and algae slows growth significantly. Dye is sold in two colors, blue and dark blue, dissolving bags that will treat up to a 1/3 acre pond. Each treatment usually lasts from 1 to 2 months, however, the amount of water flowing through your pond can increase or decrease that duration significantly.

(Application rate of 3 bags per acre)

Our Pond Care Package is a great way to control issues with filamentous algae and aquatic weeds. This package consists of a combination of barley straw pellets, Macro-Zyme beneficial pond bacteria, and pond and lake colorant. Barley straw works by releasing compounds which inhibit the growth of filamentous algae, while beneficial bacteria consumes nitrogen and phosphorus in the water column (which are the nutrients primarily responsible for weed growth in a pond), and colorant prevents sunlight from reaching aquatic vegetation. By combining these three items into one package, pond owners can significantly decrease the growth rate of algae and aquatic weeds, making for a more functional and attractive body of water. It would be best to apply this package in the spring in order to get a head start on your weed problem with a second application occurring in early summer. Packages can however be applied at any time of the year. Each package is capable of treating a 1/3 acre pond and consists of: 40 pounds of barley straw pellets, 4 bags of Macro-Zyme beneficial pond bacteria, and 1 bag of pond and lake colorant.

(Application rate of 3 packages per acre)