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Who We Are
Mid-Atlantic Stocking is a fish delivery service that works with our partner facility, Fish Haven Farm, to provide fish stocking, pond stocking, and lake stocking throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the opportunity to discuss fish with us directly and take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the fish stocking industry. By working together, we are able to offer personal service over a large geographical area including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and West Virginia. As fellow pond owners and fisherman, we know that having a well stocked lake or pond can be the most enjoyable aspect of owning one. That is why our objective is to supply you with the knowledge, fish, and pond care products that you need in order to help you get the most out of it.
What We Do
Mid-Atlantic Stocking transports fish and pond care products throughout the region to provide you with the opportunity to stock and care for your private pond or lake. We make regular trips to different pickup points throughout the Mid-Atlantic region where you can meet us to get your fish or pond care products. To find out when we will be in your area please visit the Deliveries page. For a delivery fee we are also willing to transport fish directly to your pond. If you are interested in this service we recommend that you Contact Us directly by email or phone to get a quote. We are your source for Delaware fish stocking, Maryland fish stocking, New Jersey fish stocking, New York fish stocking, Pennsylvania fish stocking, Ohio fish stocking, and Virginia fish stocking.

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Customer Feedback:

I just wanted to thank you for our delivery of walleye. We were very pleased with the condition and healthiness of them. There were maybe 5 at most that were borderline which is a really good ratio for the 200+ we received. We will be using you again in the future!

I felt much better after my first call to your business and after our experience meeting
your van combined with the appearance and health of the Koi we would recommend you
highly to anyone looking for a good value on some beautiful Koi willing to trust a stranger
to make a selection.
Thank you so much for adding color to our pond and being a trustworthy company with
very friendly personnel. We couldn't be happier.

I just wanted to say thanks for the koi fish. They're doing good and the right length too!
Thanks again.

Just a note about the fish delivery:
The fathead minnows were in great shape and not one of them died. Thanks.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for meeting with me today. I appreciate your level
of experience and your thoughtfulness to get good quality fish at a good price.

Here is a video that our Marketing and Development Director made of us receiving the

fish from you (as well as some animals for our other tanks):

All of the fish are doing great and exploring their new homes. Thank you so much for sending them!


The fish came through great. I don't even think one fish died. Thanks for doing a
good job packaging them and giving them oxygen. I was very happy with how
things turned out. I still want to order more fish this spring and summer and of
course would like some of the fall fish in October.

I like doing business with your company and would continue to do so.

BTW my golden rainbows are doing very well. Thanks again...

Just wanted to say thanks again for a great "product" - didn't have any problems yesterday,
and the fish took to the water very well - a few slow movers, but for the most part,
everything was perfect. Attached are a few pics - there are still two pretty big bass in there,
I'm sure they're REALLY liking the minnows.
I'll probably be in touch in the fall for some grass carp. The pond weeds are definitely plentiful.
Thanks again.

I did want to thank you for the quality of the koi I recently purchased.
The koi have been very happy in my pond now for over a month.
All six have survived and are doing great.
I'm happy to refer your services and products to all my koi lover friends.

I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the fingerling trout we picked up two
weeks ago. They traveled just fine and were quite robust and healthy when we released them.
Keep us on your list.

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